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At Cormaderm Wellness Practice , we specialise in integrating all aspects of wellness into our treatments through holistic and health therapies that will benefit our clients on all levels.  It is our passion to empower our clients with knowledge providing top quality treatments, products and recommendations that will  inspire them to thrive, not just to survive. 

We believe that we are so much more than just the skin we are in and that body, mind and spirit should be integrated to ensure that we lead a healthy and balanced quality of life.  The one cannot function optimally without the other and balance is key. 

It is our passion to inspire  and empower our clients to be the best version of themselves by combining various aspects of wellness by combining unique signature treatment packages to suit every clients individual needs. 

Complete Wellness of the body , mind and spirit is an integration of many factors and tools that enables us to live a life of ease and joy and glory. (R)   

All of Life Comes To Me With Ease & Joy & Glory 

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The Body is the Temple
The Better We Feel... The Quicker we Heal 
"I am responsible for myself and personal wellness starts with me."
Once we come to the realisation that we are responsible for our health and happiness and not someone else, our life will change.  The moment we start to truly love and honour ourselves we become healthier and happier. 

Self love and Self care are the pillars for ultimate wellness in all aspects of our being and by making ourselves a priority we will experience wellness on a whole new level. 

You are the most important person in your life and you cannot pour from an empty cup.  Rest , Rejuvenate , Relax , Replenish, Revive, Release  and Reboot by honouring the body on a regular basis through self care and taking time out for yourself. 

We can only truly serve others when we can serve ourselves and when we are well on all levels, emotionally, physically , mentally and spiritually  we can effortlessly  be the inspiration for others and shine our light. 

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Wellness Coaching With Aldila Geldenhuis
Personal development integration at your fingertips. A fully comprehensive sequence of wellness programs customised for the individual with results you never thought could be possible. 
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Complete Wellness Is Not Only Skin Deep, It's An Integration Of So Much More...

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The Practice is located at Cormed Medical Centre, Cormed Private Hospital, Hertz Boulevard, Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, South Africa. 

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When the Fairytale Shatters 
This book is about relationships. I hope that it touches the hearts of those who want to marry, those who are unhappy in their marriage and want to divorce. Those going through divorce as well as those who are struggling to come to terms with their divorce as well as those who carry hatred and resentment or guilt because of divorce. It is not only about divorce but more about the catalysts in my life that triggered me and forced me to bend my knee. To choose forgiveness and healing over resentment and triumph. To choose peace and love and surrender to the journey I had chosen to undertake in moments of complete irrationality.

  With this book I would like to bring light to issues that I personally found   
   very challenging and too embarrassed to share until I found my true power.
- The fear of being alone and then making choices out of fear 
- Feeling that we do not deserve better and settling for less
- Feeling unworthy and undeserving of what is actually our birth right -                     
- Not feeling good enough and measuring our worth to outside factors and      
  other people’s opinions.
- Living our lives to please others and to avoid conflict and confrontation. 
- Feeling immense guilt and embarrassment for the choices we make. 
- Denying our feelings and being ashamed of negative feelings
- Repeating the patterns of our family lineage and parents and honouring           
  our ancestors by carrying on their legacy which is not always for our highest
  and best. 

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